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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Silver Cord

I went up to CollegeAmerica today for two things. First, to get the paperwork finalized for my entry into the Master's degree program for our sister school, Stevens-Henager College. Second, to pick up my cap and gown for Saturday's graduation ceremony. I was fine, until the person checking out my graduation vestments handed me my honors cord.

I stood silent for a moment as my eyes misted over with emotion. Here I stood, a man who's father had repeatedly said he would never amount to anything and who graduated at the bottom of his high school class, holding a silver honors cord. The woman canted her head in curiosity at my tears. As I explained its importance, she smiled softly in understanding. It is more than just a cord, it has special meaning, particularly to me.

The 3.96 GPA it took to get that cord was hard earned, and proved one thing. My father was wrong. I have and forever will amount to something ... something significant.

This is just the beginning of my journey ...