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Friday, June 29, 2012

A Murdering Stalker's Continuing Revenge

I learned about what I am posting roughly one hour ago, so its going to be a bit sketchy as a lot of the details are still pending. It seems that my eldest nephew's wife was arrested this morning on murder charges relating to the death of her mother in 2008. I'm going to post what details of the event I currently have and will add any corrections as they come to my knowledge.

Before the death of her mother, my niece-in-law had been dating another man. The man exhibited extreme possessiveness that eventually led her to break the relationship off, fearing for her own safety. Three days after she broke off the relationship she awoke in the middle of the night with him standing over her. She screamed, which brought her mother and father running into the room. The man stabbed both of them, killing her mother and seriously wounding her father. She called the police and the manhunt for the killer was on. He was arrested and has spent about three years playing the system with delays and postponements. He recently changed his mind and plead guilty.

Doesn't sound like too bad an ending, until this morning's events. Apparently during his debriefing, her ex-boyfriend suddenly implicated her as having been a part of the murder. Texas Rangers showed up at her work this morning and arrested her in front of her co-workers on charges of capital murder.

My question is, why? All evidence from the original case shows this man is a liar who was stalking an innocent girl and, when jilted by her dumping him, murdered her mother and attempted to murder her father in retaliation. As often as we have seen this scenario in our society, is the prosecutor's office totally incompetent that they can't see through this man's continuing lies? Seems to me he is making a last ditch effort to destroy her life for rejecting him.

Our prayers and support are with her today. We see the truth. I only home the prosecutors office in Texas and any jury she ends up in front of (if it even comes to that) will also see the truth. This girl has already been traumatized with feelings of guilt over her ex-boyfriend murdering her mother. As for her ex-boyfriend, I hope you enjoy general population in prison. They have their own punishment for punk cowards like you.

The one problem in all this is the disappearance of my niece-in-law's father. Sir, if you are reading this (and from this description you probably know I am talking about you), please contact the prosecutor's office as soon as possible. Your daughter needs you now more than ever.

UPDATE 7/5/2012 I've been corrected on one point so far, the second victim in the attack was not her father, but her mother's boyfriend. No one has heard from him apparently in over a year. If you're out there, Sir, please contact the prosecutor's office as soon as possible. Your attacker has again turned his attention on her, accusing her of having been an active participant in her own mother's murder.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Let the (False) Flag Wave!

This is an expansion and explanation of my open statement last week. I know many of my readers may have been confused by it.

Concerned military personnel gave anonymous voice to concerns that rogue operations within the United States Federal government may be planning something big for late this summer.

Late last week, a concerned active-duty Marine discussed with me his concerns that rogue elements within the U.S. Government are planning a ''false flag'' operation for late this summer. The operation consists of detonating either atomic devices or ''dirty'' bombs in several major U.S. cities to trigger a state of emergency and plunge the United States into martial law. The source was corroborated through secondary sources linked to Naval intelligence.

The scenario described is as follows:

  • Detonation of first device in East coast city such as Washington during or shortly after rush-hour traffic. This will maximize immediate kill numbers as larger percentage of population will be in urban core regions. Further chaos expected due to youths being back in school, separated from parents.
  • Emergency disaster protocols will be invoked, directing residents in areas already ''attacked'' to remain indoors and await evacuation orders and assistance. Major cities west will be given evacuation orders in ''anticipation'' of further ''attacks'' by forces unknown (presumably the 'attacks'' will be blamed on Islamic Jihadists or ''domestic'' terrorist organizations). Evacuation will be to FEMA-controlled camps built in the last decade by Halliburton (yes, they do exist). Children in schools will be bused directly from school to the camps, most likely without concern for reuniting them with loved ones (no doubt traumatizing them in the process).
  • During the evacuations, suspected dissidents and individuals considered political liabilities will be separated for ''special processing''. Odds are this will include anyone involved with social and political movements the administration feels ''embarrassed'' by, up to and including sexual rights advocates and anyone who has ever been critical of the U.S. government or any political official.
  • Release of unknown pathogens (diseases) amongst evacuation camps. This is to be blamed on secondary biological attacks by unknown forces and will spread rapidly due to the crowded conditions in the evacuation camps.

This false flag operation, again noted as being executed by rogue elements within the United States Government, will be the biggest crime against humanity since Hitler's campaign against the Jewish state. In honesty, however, even my act of making this information public may (hopefully) cause these elements to abandon this plan. It would, indeed, be pretty stupid to continue with such an operation after the world has been made aware of the plans. Once the details are public knowledge, everyone will know who is to blame, should they proceed. It is unknown whether the President is aware of this plan or if it is being executed without his knowledge.

To those behind this vile plot, I have this to say. Do this and we will know who is to blame. The American people will not forget and we will never forgive. You will have no where to hide from us. You have been warned.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Those to whom this statement is made will already understand its context. To those who do not, pray that you never do.

We know who you are and what you are doing. We know about your plans for this year. Be warned; those of us who survive your plot will never forget or forgive. We will never rest until you are brought to justice. You do not know who all of us are and by the time you find out who we are, it will be too late. The world will know about your guilt. You will be held accountable for your crimes. This we swear.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Simple Indictment Against the City and County of Denver, Colorado.

Hmmmm ... Okay, soldiers, judges, police and government leaders all take an oath of office when they become a soldier, judge, etc. Those oaths include a statement that they will uphold the Constitution of the United States (even those that don't say they will uphold the laws of the United States or the State in which they serve and since the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land [U.S. Constitution, Article VI, Clause 2], it is included by indirect reference). Any government official who violates the Constitutional Rights of a citizen are therefore not only violating the law (since the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land), they are in violation of their oath of office.

Article VI, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution is commonly referred to as the '' Supremacy Clause'' and has been recognized as the authority under which State and local laws must comply with the U.S. Constitution and Federal law (as well as any international treaties to which the U.S. is party). So, here is my indictment of the City and County of Denver, Colorado.

Under the Fourteenth Amendment, it is stated that ...
No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States.

Yet the City and County of Denver has 1) repeatedly and violently interfered with otherwise peaceful protests against government policies and the corruption of our political system by acts of corporate bribery (in the form of ''political'' contributions), along with the devastation of corrupt economic practices by those same corporations and 2) in further oppression against those protests pasted bans on ''urban camping'' which forbid those protesters from even using a blanket to protect themselves from the elements while protesting.

In any corporation, employees violating corporate policy would be terminated on the spot. So explain to me why are we letting our officials (political and corporate) keep their jobs when they are so clearly in violation of our laws?