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Friday, May 9, 2008

Words as Weapons

Interesting ... I got called a racist for my position on irresponsible government programs and growth. Oh well. Those who truly know me know better.

It did cause me to start thinking how we use words as weapons in our society.

Want to dismiss thought on someone's complaints? Call them a "bi**h" or "a**hole" who just wants to complain. No more thought needed.

Want to ignore someone's points about people taking responsibility for themselves and to quit depending on the Government to fix everything? Let's see ... racist sounds like a good word.

I was also called "afraid of change."



I speak out in favor of responsibility. A little old-fashioned I guess.

I speak out in favor of social activism. Hardly someone afraid of change there.

I speak out in favor of protecting human rights. Definitely not afraid of change there.

I speak out against wholesale consumerism and waste. Another change I do not fear.

My entry about Malcolm X speaks for itself.

I am a strong supporter for ideas like those of Ernest Callenbach. Simply cannot be afraid of change there, his ideas would completely overturn our society if instituted all at once.

I'm an advocate for light rail, alternate energy and biofuels. Okay, now I have to laugh at the idea that I am afraid of change.

As an activist author, I am definitely not afraid of change. Since I am an advocate for the empowerment of marginalized citizens (homeless, disabled and minorities) the racist label doesn't fit either.

Sorry, Sheilah, but you are way off base calling me those things. Guess something I said hit a nerve with you.

Good, means I'm doing my job.

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