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Friday, July 27, 2012

An Open Statement to Critics

To whom it may concern (and I am sure you know who you are):

1) My voicing of a political or intellectual opinion that does not agree with yours does not make me dumb nor am I calling you a liar, only stating that my opinion does not agree with yours.

2) I am a professional writer and have been working as a ghostwriter for over a decade. This means I am exactly what I claim to be ... a writer.

3) You do not know the topics or extent of my research on the books I am preparing for publication, therefore you have no idea what knowledge I do or do not possess. As such, you have no grounds for calling me ignorant.

4) False accusations I faced in the past are just that, false as in untrue. Any misconduct in my past was over 25 years ago and has no reflection upon who I am today, other than as lessons I learned long ago.

5) Family or not, if you continue to bad mouth me in public by voice or by written word (including in Facebook posts), you will find yourself at the business end of a lawsuit. I am sick of your crap.

6) One need not march in a protest or get their head caved in by some thug in blue to be a part of the global resistance to corporate and governmental corruption. Each helps with the fight in their own way.

7) As you, with rare exceptions, haven't seen me in 10 years or more, you honestly do not know who I am today, you do not know my beliefs, and you do not know what I deal with on a daily basis, so your judgement means nothing to me.

and 8) For the one who threatened me with assassination, just keep one thing in mind. If you fail to kill me with the first shot, your life will be forfeit. I will give no additional warning.

You do not have say in my life. Where I am going is not your concern. Continue with your attempts to interfere with my life and you will sorely regret it.

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