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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bitter Reality of Life

It has been several days since my last post because I had to go earn some real-world money to live off of.

My subject today is corporate idiocy. This relates to an incident a couple months back.

My fiance had just started a new job and had not gotten her pay set up on direct deposit yet. It was late when she got off work on payday and most of the check cashing centers had already closed. We went to our local Walmart to cash the check.

When she went to cash the check, she was asked for her ID. Naturally, we thought nothing of it at the time, since they need to make sure the one cashing the check is the rightful holder of the check. Little did we realize why they wanted it.

They took the identification information and entered it on their check cashing approval program. Not a problem you say? Not so, I'm afraid. Because of a personal bad check notation, they promptly refused to cash the payroll check.

My beef is this ... what does having a personal check problem from months ago have to do with cashing a payroll check? I could understand if the employer was on a list for writing bad checks (not the case, I checked it out), but to refuse to cash a payroll check over personal banking problems?

I also have a beef with the banks themselves. Most of the time, unless you have a personal checking or savings account with them, the banks will charge you around $5 to cash a payroll check ...

even if it is drawn on an account at that bank!!!!!

This is blatant profiteering at its worst and really curls my chaps. Personally, I think we should pass legislation to ban this practice once and for all. If the check is drawn on an account with their bank and it is cashed at that bank, there is no reason for them to charge ANY kind of fee for its cashing. What next? A fee for processing a check you deposit into your account that goes through the system? Aren't they making enough money already?

More on the banking and check cashing industry later. Time to work on the House Wyldstar website.

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