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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Types of Policies

The name of this blog begs the question of what do we mean by social policy?

Social policy is the guidelines for changing, maintaining, or creating a given set of living conditions that are supportive of the general welfare of all citizens. It is a subset of public policy, which are the guidelines for operating our nation as a whole. An example of social policy would be one that requires or encourages insurance coverage and benefits for everyone. Yes, I know, a touchy subject at the moment, but hey, I personally don't back down from controversial topics. Other aspects of social policy include economic policies and foreign relation policies, which are also fair game for this blog.

Other topics included in our public position are environmental policies and political policies.

Our take on each of these areas is how current social policies affects citizens, how we can work within existing social policy to improve things, and what additional policies or changes need to be made to further improve the lives of our citizenry.

Many issues are referred to as 'wicked' issues, meaning they have no easy answers, cannot be addressed directly, or have an ever changing set of conditions that make them difficult or nearly impossible to affect long-term improvements. Among these 'wicked' issues are long-term employment of marginalized citizens, the illegal immigrant problem, and everyone's favorite topic ... health care reform.

I am hoping that SPC will become a vanguard blog for ideas and action on these and many other topics. Just remember, ideas without action are useless, action without ideas is wasted.

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